The Value of Search Advertising

Author: Steve H
Date Posted: 10/26/2012

A question I have been asked many times before – from clients who already have an online presence, and also from friends and people who are not ‘on’ Google – is why pay to appear on Google?  To answer this, I would like to show the value of search advertising.

With Search Engine Optimisation, you cannot always control exactly when or where your listing appears, or even where you send your website visitor to.  With PPC advertising, you not only set your ads to show only when very specific searches are made, but you also set the times, days, geographic locations and even the devices the ads are displayed on.  Search advertisers can also control where on the screen their ads appear.

With search advertising, you are able to show your message immediately.  This is especially valuable for advertisers with seasonal campaigns, or when running special offers.  Further to this, any changes you make to your ads are updated almost instantly and for free – try doing this with an ad in the Yellow Pages or the local newspaper!

Pay only for Clicks
Google AdWords is like no other form of advertising because the advertiser only pays once their ad has been clicked on and a user has been directed to the website.  So not only are your ads being shown to the people who are looking for exactly what you offer, but you are not charged until they are actually looking at your website.  You also have complete control over your PPC budget – you tell Google how much you are willing to pay for a click, and you can increase, decrease or stop your spend at any time.

Another valuable feature of AdWords is its accountability.  Whether you are aiming for sales, newsletter sign ups, or brand exposure, you are able to track your advertising performance and measure your return on investment down to the dollar.

These are only a few of the many benefits of Search Advertising.  For those advertisers venturing online for the first time, PPC can be used to complement and enhance their offline advertising.  For businesses already showing in the Organic listings, the value of also appearing in the Sponsored Links section is 1+1=3, where they will own more real estate on screen, while capturing the attention of new customers.

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