Mobile websites

These days, more and more consumers are using smartphones and tablets such as iPads - is your website mobile friendly?

Get enquiries with a mobile compatible website

User experience plays a fundamental role in online conversions therefore having a mobile friendly website could lower your bounce rate and increase your sales.

The web development team at GetCubed can conduct an audit on your existing website. We will discuss all the options you have in order to make your website mobile friendly. Here are a few options we may suggest to businesses looking for a mobile compatible website:

Responsive Design

This newly developed concept has been designed to give users the best mobile website experience. Responsively designed websites work by automatically resizing content depending on the type of screen it is being viewed on. This means that no matter what device your website is being viewed on, you can ensure that users will always see your full website and be able to easily navigate content without any hiccups.

Mobile Websites

This option allows potential customers to view a condensed mobile friendly version of your website. This option is perfect for smaller websites that only contain a few pages and minimal images.

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